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The Lakers swung one of the few clubs they had in their bag prior the NBA Draft. They purchased a second round pick from the Orlando Magic. LA then selected Michigan State wing Max Christie with the number 35 pick.

Draft evaluators are split on Christie's true ceiling, but one remark was unanimous - the Spartan wing needs time to fully develop. Meaning, he's likely not a player who's all of the sudden going to be playing major minutes for the Lakers.

After the Lakers made the pick, Fox Sports pundit Skip Bayless took to Twitter to belittle the Christie pick, jab at LeBron (one of Bayless' favorite past times), and chide Westbrook with the "Westbrick" nickname.

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On Friday Westbrook responded by appearing to challenge Bayless.

Westbrook's feelings towards the "Westbrick" nickname are well documented. Throughout the past season, Russ confronted fans about trolling and in March, explained that he doesn't want to bring his family to the game to hear their father "called names".

"I don't want to even bring my kids to that game because I don't want my kids to hear their dad getting called names. Right now, she's[his wife] reached a point and my family have reached a point where it's really weighing on them."

It's not the first time in his career that Westbrook has had gotten prickly with the media and this time around, it was entirely provoked by Skip Bayless who's one of the biggest trolls in sports media.

Chances are, the two aren't meeting up for coffee any time soon.