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If trading away Russell Westbrook is a key offseason objective for the Lakers front office, they do not have many options. Unless hell freezes over, Westbrook is going to pick up his $47M player option for next season. Finding a trade partner for a $47M player is tough, finding a trade partner willing to participate into the Russell Westbrook Experience is all the more challenging.

The Charlotte Hornets have been rumored to be one of the few teams potentially willing to trade for Westbrook's monolithic expiring contract. NBA insiders believe that the Hornets are motivated to ensure they have sufficient cap space in the future to extend LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges. Which could involve unloading pricey veterans like Terry Rozier, Kelly Oubre Jr., and Gordon Hayward.

However, Substack's Marc Stein reported that past injury history will have a major role in the Lakers valuation of any potential Westbrook trade, according to at least on league source.

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"Translation: The Lakers are unlikely to consent to a Charlotte trade headlined by Gordon Hayward — not after Hayward's first two seasons in Charlotte have likewise been injury-filled. The Lakers surely understand that they need to factor in durability if they are taking on long-term money, which suggests that Terry Rozier would have to be the Southern California-bound headliner if the Hornets and Lakers eventually progress to serious trade talks."

Over last three seasons, Hayward has not played more than 52 games in a single season. Earlier this month, the Hornets announced that Hayward is out indefinitely after dealing with left foot discomfort and is currently in a cast. It's all but assured he'll miss each and every Hornets playoff game.  All of that only adds to the Lakers reticence to acquire the 32-year-old forward.

Hayward has two years left on his deal and is owed upwards of $61M.