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Throughout his career, LeBron James has leveraged his stature and superstar-stardom to push front offices to shape the roster to his specifications. In Cleveland, James famously pushed for the Cavs to send first overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota to get Kevin Love less than month after Wiggins was drafted. In Los Angeles, LeBron convinced the Lakers front office to acquire Russell Westbrook instead of Buddy Hield.

Time and time again, James has used his influence to create roster churn that usually includes eschewing roster depth for stars, who may or may not be over the hill, and jettisoning future draft capital and/or young players for NBA vets.

So it's far from a surprise that LeBron appears to be all aboard the Kyrie Irving train. According to a recent report by NBA insider Marc Stein, James would like to see his old friend(?) Kyrie Irving in purple and gold.

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"James, I’m told, wants to see Irving in Lakerland more than anyone. What other team, furthermore, has a LeBron-sized personality with the experience to cope with all the chaos that comes with adding Kyrie? James, remember, has often thrived in chaos."

On Saturday, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported that the Lakers and Nets are engaged in trade talks centered around Russell Westbrook and Kyrie, but the talks are "preliminary" at the moment.

Stein highlighted how Kevin Durant's trade request has suddenly re-opened the door for the Lakers to land Kyrie, despite Brooklyn's reluctance to add Westbrook and his expiring $47.1M contract.

"Yet the prospect of trading for Irving, thanks to Durant’s trade demand, is suddenly the most realistic trade scenario to emerge for months that would enable the Lakers to move on from their Westbrook Experiment. The Durant Sweepstakes can still go many different directions, but it is impossible to ignore the growing expectation leaguewide that a LeBron & Kyrie reunion in Lakerland looms."

It's far from a certainty, but if history has proven anything, it's that LeBron usually get what he wants.