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The Lakers want to put as much as the past week as they can behind them. With everything that has happened across the organization over the last 7 days, this has been a week to forget. 

Coming back and beating the Magic on Friday night was a good way to move on. And Russell Westbrook sounds like he just wants to move on from the loss to Indiana where he was benched in the final 4 minutes.

"My job as a player, as a professional, is to do my job, continue to find ways to be able to help impact winning. That's all I was thinking about and turned the page to do and that's what I tried to do tonight."

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Russ bounced back from the controversial move and finsshed Friday's win with 18 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 steals. After the game, Frank Vogel piled praise onto him for moving on and coming in prepared.

"Russ played a really good basketball game. He came in very focused and played efficient offensively and brought a pure energy to the game. He just wanted to impose his will, play his part and played a hell of a game."

Like it or not, the Lakers are not going to be able to trade Russ this year. His contract is just too ridiculous and there isn't a team out there that woud take the risk in acquiring him. 

They need him at his best, and they're really going to need him down the stretch. If he can find his rythm at the right time, Russ could be huge for the Lakers as they head into the playoffs...if they make it.