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Lakers: Russell Westbrook Removes All LA Photos From His Instagram Account

Is Russell Westbrook hinting at his impending departure from the Lakers?

The first year of the Russell Westbrook-Lakers experiment did not go well. For either party involved. Westbrook was an awkward fit alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. 

After the Lakers put a bow on their 49-loss season, Russ openly criticized head coach Frank Vogel and stated that the other two Lakers star weren't exactly big supporters of the "Let Russ, Be Russ" movement in his exit interview. 

Clearly, the nucleus of the Lakers roster has to change. That likely means finding a trade partner for Westbrook and his expiring $47M deal. 

Westbrook's latest maneuver on his Instagram account suggests he might already be out the door.

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The nine-time All-NBA player removed any post with him in a Lakers jersey. The only thing with Russ depicted in purple and gold that remains is his profile picture.

It's a very intentional move. When you have 19.4M followers, people are going to notice when you delete a slew of photos. Especially the ones of you playing for the team you're currently under contract with.

The Westbrook trade rumors have been flying throughout April. At the moment, the most popular potential trades turning the rumor mill have been a potential deal with the Charlotte Hornets or the Indiana Pacers. 


There are few other hypothetical trades that have been discussed as well. Including, a potential Westbrook reunion with either the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Houston Rockets. Sending Russ to the Pistons or the Knicks has also been a topic of conversation.

One thing is for sure, Westbrook would just delete his first year with the Lakers if he could.