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There were a lot of really good moments in the Lakers' win this past Monday. Following a series of really bad losses, beating out the Jazz was incredibly encouraging. But there were other smaller parts of the game that were good to see as well. 

One of the positives was the aggressive play of Russell Westbrook. The Lakers' guard looked to have lost that aggression over the past handful of games, resulting in fewer turnovers but far less production. 

But one dunk from Russ in the second quarter momentarily changed that. Russ got up and over Rudy Gobert for the same, bringing Lakers fans to their feet at Arena. 

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After that win and the Russ dunk, Lakers fans were also treated to a brand new highlight reel. The rewind takes fans through some of the top dunks in Los Angeles history. 

And yes, that would include a few from Lakers' legends Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. But there is also the famous Larry Nance Jr dunk as well as the Pau dunk over the Nuggets. 

Give it a watch, there have been some really impressive Lakers dunks over the years. And Westbrook's slam on Monday night absolutely made the cut.