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The Lakers have struggled to find a lineup rotation that works for them. It seems like that all season long, Frank Vogel has tried every combination of guys out on the floor to start games. While some have shown signs of working really well together, many have not. 

But the latest iteration of the Lakers rotation seems to be working out incredibly. The combination of Russell Westbrook, Avery Bradley, Malik Monk, Stanley Johnson, and LeBron James has absolutely blown through teams. Getting them off to a great start has been their key to success as of late. 

That lineup has produced an incredible offensive rating of 127.5 and put up a +23.5 number together. More importantly, that Lakers lineup has put up a 103.9 defensive rating following their win over the Hawks on Friday night. 

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For whatever reason, that lineup seems to be working out for Vogel and the Lakers. It could just be the right combination of guys, or it could be that all of them happen to be hitting strides at the same time. 

But when the Lakers are able to have LeBron James in there at center, it opens up a lot of opportunities across the floor. Stanley Johnson has proven that his defense will keep him on the court, and Westbrook is feeding guys at will. 

Monk has really found his groove as a scorer lately, and having LBJ filling the lane appears to be helping his cause. Add in the defense and potential range from Bradley, and the Lakers have found something that works for them. 

It will be interesting to see how things change when Anthony Davis gets back into the thick of things though.