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Let me preface this by saying the Lakers absolutely should look to improve their roster in the trade market. They're struggling big time, and they need some support if they have any intention of making a serious playoff run. 

But trading Russell Westbrook for John Wall is just about the worst mistake that the Lakers could make right now. A report came out this past week suggesting that the Rockets would be interested in that sort of deal, and they might be the only team in the NBA interested. 

But dealing Westbrook for Wall would be a step back for the Lakers, for a lot of reasons. Wall has already refused to play due to the role that the Rockets have relegated him to. That alone should be enough for Los Angeles to be dissuaded. 

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But on top of that, the money absolutely does not match up. Westbrook will make $47 million next year compared to Wall's $47.3 million. Wall also carries a cap hit that is about $100k higher than Russ for this season. That wouldn't necessarily hurt the Lakers this season, but next season could be an issue. 

On top of that, Wall is arguably just as streaky of a shooter as Russ is. He's averaging 20.6 points in his 40 games played this year versus Westbrook's 18.6, and he's shooting less efficiently. Less efficiency is the last thing the Lakers need right now.

The Rockets would also likely need that 2027 first-round pick if the reports are accurate. The Lakers could consider packaging multiple players in order to land someone like Eric Gordon along with Wall, but that would be the best-case scenario.

Stay the course, and figure things out. That's what the Lakers are going to need to do at this point.