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LeBron James Talks Quarantine, Jokes He’s A Tom Hanks Lookalike In 'Cast Away'

Most of the Lakers got tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday and the players are now on 14-day isolation.

LeBron James is quarantined at his family home in Los Angeles after most of the Lakers were tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday. 

James poked fun at himself in an Instagram story, rubbing his shaggy beard and watching his wife, Savannah, cut her own braids.  

“When they advise you to be quarantined for 14 days and isolated from nobody,” James said. “Can’t even get a haircut from my barber. They want me to stay away from him. I’m looking like Tom Hanks off of ‘Cast Away.’ [Savannah] can’t even go get her hair done so she’s going to just cut them out herself. A little Whoopi Goldberg over here. The struggle is real in the James household right now.”

The Lakers decided to get tested after four Brooklyn Nets players, including Kevin Durant, tested positive for COVID-19. The Lakers hosted the Nets on March 10 in their final game before the season was suspended March 11. 

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James has passed the last week making TikTok videos of himself dancing with his kids and watching the movie "Black Panther" and the television show "Martin." He posted on Twitter that he's looking for a wine drinking partner.

There is no timetable yet for the NBA season to resume, as people nationwide are trying to stop the spread of the pandemic. 

The Lakers are hoping to get their COVID-19 test results back Friday. 

In James' Instagram story on Wednesday, he sang "Blame it on the rain" by Milli Vanilli and played with his beard.

“Gotta do what we gotta do," he said.