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Lakers News: NBA Twitter Reacts To Last Night's Third Win Over Spurs In A Week

L.A. Twitter was hyped.

Your Los Angeles Lakers vanquished the lowly San Antonio Spurs for the third time in a week last night. NBA fans last night had some thoughts on the moment.

All-Star forward LeBron James and sixth man point guard Russell Westbrook both remain hyper-athletic despite being 37 and 34 years old, respectively. The duo's two-man play was a particularly focus on Twitter fans.

One fan noted how the duo's on-court dynamic seemed to be on the upswing.

Though the Lakers did indeed claim their third straight victory over the Spurs, it's not exactly a secret that San Antonio is doing its darnedest to lose games, in the hopes of making a Victor Wembanyama-sized addition to its roster next season. Some elements of NBA Twitter were quick to contextualize L.A.'s win:

James had a terrific all-around game (albeit against a team looking to lose, but still), scoring 39 points. The moment was in fact so terrific that, per Clutch Points, it represented the second-most points ever scored by a player in his 20th season, behind you-know-who:

A lot of Twitter chatter last night was centered around a heated moment late in the third quarter, when Spurs backup big man Zach Collins hacked Lakers reserve point guard Russell Westbrook as the latter attempted to secure a rebound. Collins drew blood and was ejected with a Flagrant 2 foul call.

One fan, rather aptly, compared the play to a wrestling move.

Another fan, who seemed to think that Russell Westbrook was the best player in the NBA, thought that Collins's behavior would not exactly endear him to front offices in the future:

Fox Sports personality Skip Bayless considered the moment an opportunity to note the difference between the way the modern NBA is officiated and how referees judged contact in previous generations.

For what it's worth, Collins did later try to clarify that the damage was an accident, and he was just trying to prevent Westbrook from scoring.