Taco Tuesday Lives On In Bubble For LeBron James Even Though It’s ‘Slim Pickings’

Jill Painter Lopez

LeBron James still has a passion for Taco Tuesday, even from inside the NBA bubble near Orlando. 

JaVale McGee’s latest vlog showed James announcing the "Taco Tuesday" saying that he once tried to get trademarked, accompanied by his infamous loud, animal-like call at the end. 

In the latest episode of McGee's vlog documenting life inside of the bubble, he asked teammate Devontae Cacok if he knew what day it was. Cacok didn’t appear to know what he meant. 

James can be heard asking, “You don’t know what today is?”

McGee then panned over to James, who entered the ballroom and bellowed: “Today is Taco Tuuuuuuuuesday!” 

McGee asked James what kind of tacos he was having for dinner, and James said: “I don’t know, man. It’s slim pickings around here. But I got to find something.”

James, who was smiling during the exchange, then exited stage left. 

James has been very public about his love for tacos. He often posts photos on social media of his personal chef Dena Marino's creations for him and his family on Taco Tuesday.  

But James doesn’t have his chef in the bubble and, as we’ve seen from so many players, including McGee on his vlog, the food certainly isn’t what players are used to at Walt Disney World. 

But, as James often says, it’s 2020. 

And he's making sure to maintain a semblance of normalcy inside the bubble, even finding a way to continue his Taco Tuesday routine.