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Golden State Warriors Advance To NBA Finals: 3 Things Magic Can Learn From Their Success

The Warriors are heading to their sixth NBA Finals in eight years.

The Golden State Warriors are heading to the NBA Finals for the sixth time in eight seasons and seek their fourth title since 2015. In the past eight years, the Warriors have written the blueprint for how to build a successful dynasty.

And as the Orlando Magic find themselves towards the beginning of its rebuild, the team could take some ideas out of the Warriors' playbook.

Here's three things the Magic can learn from the Warriors:

Franz Wagner Cade Cunningham
Franz Wagner

There Can Never Be Too Many Shooters

The Warriors' backbone is built off Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, two of the greatest shooters in NBA history. While it's unlikely the Magic can draft shooters like them and make it look just as easy as the Warriors did, the team currently forming in Orlando has shades of that.

Having multiple scorers in the backcourt like Cole Anthony and Jalen Suggs can be a recipe for success. 

The recent iteration of the Warriors has Jordan Poole as a legitimate third option to the Splash Brothers, making it extremely difficult for opposing teams to defend. This can also help tremendously with spacing.

Defense Must Be a Priority

The roles for the Warriors are so distinct. Everyone knows which part he plays and each player performs it to the best of his ability.

Kevon Looney has continued to improve and he's become one of the best defensive centers in the NBA. Draymond Green has also been a huge part of the team's success on the defensive end.

What stands out about this pair is that they weren't high draft picks and they aren't massive. With their size, Green and Looney can defend multiple positions and it creates havoc on both ends.

The Magic don't have this archetype on the team yet, but it could become Jonathan Isaac if he returns to form. 

But with the 32nd and 35th picks in this year's draft, the Magic could find one or two defensive stalwarts in the frontcourt.

Wendell Carter Jr.
Robin Lopez
Terrence Ross

Chemistry Is Incredibly Important

The Warriors could have some of the best chemistry ever seen in NBA history. Sure, there were questions about it during the Kevin Durant era, but without him, very little was said about any issues within the team.

This playoff run has shown how incredibly tight-knit the group is, and it could be the biggest key to their long road of success.

This is the one thing the Magic have going for them and it's what the foundation should build for the team moving forward.

Cole Anthony can't be the only one who feels this way, but it feels like with the right amount of trust and teamwork within each other, the Magic have what could be the hardest part of building a winning team already in Orlando.