A List of Potential Trade Targets for Lee or the TPE

With Woj recently saying that the Mavericks are interested in a "Big, Physical Presence", the following is a list of players that I believe could be acquired relatively cheep that could either be swapped for Lee or fit directly into the TPE. Now, some of these players may not necessarily fit the narrative of a big physical presence since I did include some wing players, but it is a list that will hopefully spark discussion about what potential trades could look like and if other candidates become available. Additionally, I did not include targets such as Adams or Drummond.

Courtney Lee Trade Targets

Tristan Thompson - $18,539,130 Expiring Bismack Biyombo - $17,000,000 Expiring Marvin Williams - $15,006,250 Expiring Cody Zeller - $14,471,910 (2020-2021 $15,415,730) Dewayne Dedmon - $13,333,334 (2020-2021 $13,333,333, 2021-2022 $1,000,000 guaranteed) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - $13,000,000 Expiring

TPE Targets

Taj Gibson - $9,800,000 (TO $10,290,000) Doug McDermott - $7,333,334 (2020-2021 $7,333,333) Alex Len - $4,160,000 Expiring

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I'm struggling to figure out where I stand on possible trades. I really like the team and want to see how things develop, however I do feel the momentary immense frustration when the other team rebounds their own missed free throw and then cans a 3. If there was some way to pick off Drummond without giving up a ton - have our cake and eat it too - that would be a no brainer for me. But does his obvious help as a banger/rebounder mitigate the fact he can't shoot a 3 (seeing how our roster and scheme is built around 15 guys who can basically hit a 3)...


Is there anyway we can get Derrick Rose from Detroit? He is the off the bench player that can get what he wants when he wants. I know we are looking for a big. But I think Rose and Doncic closing out games would be lethal.