Are the Mavericks the 1st team to get bit hard by the new challenge rule?

Against Portland the rule most likely cost them a game. Whether you think the call was right or wrong, the Maverick would have shot free throws and pretty much wrapped up the game.

Portland won a challenge of a call that would have sent the Mavericks' Dorian Finney-Smith to the foul line after he'd grabbed a rebound and attempted a shot with eight seconds left. The foul was called on Lillard. Instead, there was a jump ball.

Crew chief Courtney Kirkland explained how a one-year experimental rule applied to this review. ''Once Portland challenged the play and we were able to go and look at replay, we were able to have clear, conclusive evidence that Damian Lillard legally deflected the ball from Dorian Finney-Smith. The ball was loose when the whistle blew, which led to an inadvertent whistle. Therefore, we ended up having a jump ball.''

Lillard had insisted to coach Terry Stotts that he should challenge the call, even though losing it would have cost the Blazers' last timeout. ''If we lose the challenge, they are on the (foul) line and we are down one (point), but (Lillard) was pretty adamant, so I trusted him,'' Stotts said.

Dallas still seemed likely to win the jump with 7-foot-3 center Kristaps Porzingis. Portland center Hassan Whiteside had fouled out and 7-footer Zach Collins left the game with an injury. ''I was thinking we don't even have a five man in the game, so how are we going to win a jump ball?'' McCollum said. ''Then Porzingis tipped it to us, so it worked out.''

The Blazers' Kent Bazemore got the ball and was fouled. He made the first of two free throws. Doncic rebounded and passed to Tim Hardaway, whose shot from about midcourt rattled off the front of the rim as time expired.

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Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher


Good work, Dahl, though I would add this: DON'T MISS 9 FTs! :)


Refs made a good call I have to say. Mavs, with the help of Dame and CJ, shot themselves on the foot. Falling in love with the 3s and not attacking the paint when Collins and Whiteside were out was a problem. And, where was Delon, who was supposedly one of our better defenders? Maybe RC confused him with KP and gave him minutes restriction.

Anyways, once these guys truly gel, look out. Despite the loss, ive been super pleased by the way they’ve been playing. A lot to look forward to.


@Beefcake_27 @MikeFisher yup, at the end of the day can't blame the loss on the refs. The Mavs had their destiny in their hands. C’est la vie.