Boban the efficient!

Why The Most Efficient Scorer In NBA History Is Stuck On The Bench

perhaps the most efficient scorer in modern NBA history couldn’t get off the bench most nights?

That’s the reality for 7-foot-3 Pistons center Boban Marjanovic, who scores with unprecedented efficiency when he is on the court.1 Among players who’ve averaged 30 points per 100 possessions and played in at least 100 regular-season games, no player has been able to match Marjanovic in points per shot attempt, and those who have come closest are either already in the Hall of Fame or likely will be one day.

Coach Rick Carlisle is following up from other top NBA coaches as he works his own magic and strategy in the chess match of how to use Big Boban, now little BIG TEX in my book.

The last few coaches, Brett Brown, Doc Rivers and the Spurs Pop-ovich himself all found ways to exploit Boban with some degree of success hence why Marjonovic is still in the league, and still contributing, has made some nice NBA money and even got a better than Vet. Min contract from the Mavericks.

Now its Coach Carlisle's turn. He made great use of the Mavericks Twin Towers of KP/Boban against the CAVS. Maybe Boban has also improved and continued to develop his ability to guard the PnR and the 3 point line?
It seems to me he has as an observer, at the same time he's only going to be so fleet of foot no matter what he does.

Hopefully Coach Carlisle will watch not only the match ups where Boban can clearly help against non-stretch BIGS but also the other match ups when Boban might get the better off an opposing BIG for just long enough to help Dallas hold a lead or make a run.

Marjanovic has become one of the bigger chess pieces in basketball the past few seasons — one who can trigger an immediate substitution from one side or the other based on his sheer size and skill set.

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Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher


Boban in Bits. I think that's the best way ... don't you?


Certainly but which bits and when is the chess match. I thought he could have helped close the Laker game for example.