Can someone explain to me what Boban does well? I see he is big, okay. He takes up space. He can't really jump at all. I thought he could play defense but evidently not. I am trying to figure out what he does better than Salah who isn't slow, can block shocks and dunk off of PnR. Boban is a better shooter but how many shots is he going to take a game, like 2? I don't get this signing. He is a banger for guys like, you know, Steven Adams and Andre Drummond. Both of which didn't seem to have any problems dealing with Boban. And guards just run around him. He doesn't seem to bother shots at all. I just don't get how or why he is an upgrade over Salah.

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@StepBackJay What Boban has done over the years extremely well is

  1. Score the ball with high efficiency close to the basket and in the midrange,
  2. Put pressure on the opponents defense to collapse inside.
  3. Getting players in foul trouble trying to stop him as well as
  4. Be solid on rebounding the balls that come near him.

His lack of quickness of foot is obviously a big problem, but If you work off him offensively, he has been such a massive offensive threat even short minutes that opposing coaches have to try and attack him on defense, stretch 5 him away from basket and force him to be taken out of the game.

Popovich and esp. Doc Rivers seemed to understand this well and Doc especially commented on how on any given Boban rotation it was question of whether you could take more than you give. Doc felt that many times the other team would not be hot shooting as they attack Boban while on the other end big Bobi could take advantage of them with high percentage offense.

Boban can also get the opposing bigs in foul trouble if the advantage is pressed because he is also a good free throw shooter.
Problem I've seen is at times a coach doesn't leverage Boban's offense and play through him. Post up and Midrange game is less used today as teams play more outside in. So if he's not used well offensively, I can't see him being a net + most nights.


This part I wondered about myself when they acquired Boban.

He doesn't seem to bother shots at all. I just don't get how or why he is an upgrade over Salah.

I don't see how Boban is an upgrade over Salah Mejri unless Coach Carlisle is persistent in using Marjanovic on offense a lot more than he has used most big centers in his time coaching the Mavericks.

Most of the real inside offensive threats at Maverick 5 spot have been sort of under used in their own mind as they just don't play a big role on the offense.

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Having not watched a lot of Boban I figured he was better defensively, using his size to ward off penetration and shot block. What I saw was very slow lateral movement, no jump to do anything. He is kind of Dampier-ish, I don't know how Boban wasn't a 1 year minimum type of player. What does he bring to the table?


My hope is that Boban is just a bit player on this team once Powell is back and he is a guy they bring in to punish teams who go small.. While you would give up defense on one end you would give up a Boban dunk on the other end every time.

I am also hoping this is like pre-season Boban and we see someone more in shape later on bc he looks like waste of a roster spot at the moment.