Even though the Mavs won last night, we can't over look the bad moves by the so called best coach in Rick C. His starting line up almost costed Mavs lose the game. DFS is too small to play PF and can't shoot. KP won't be effective if he is the one that has to be counted to protect the rim with midgets Mavs line up. Rick is over rated and if you don't agree, go check put his coaching career stops at various teams. He is above average but not one of the best.

Sometimes I think he is full of himself!

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Ok let's see

Pistons - Coach of the year 2002, they got rid of him because of friction between him and ownership not because of lack of success.

Pacers - Lead them to Eastern Conference Finals and even made the playoffs during the season of the malice in the palace, not bad.

So I don't know what you want people to check out in his various stops other than maybe a problem with ownership once. But since we weren't there we really don't know who's really to blame for that, it could have been the ownership.

Last but not least

Mavs - Championship


@IknowBball don't know Bball