** For those wondering what Boban can bring to the table ** We saw a nice preview in this Bucks preseason game.

So did Boban Marjanovic, who crowded 16 points and eight rebounds into 16 minutes.

Need an offensive spark off the bench. 16 & 8 in 16 minutes? Nice.
Luka the wonder kid passing to Boban, I'm calling it now, it is a thing. Check about 4:22 in this clip from some * Luka/Boban goodness. *

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Boban dominated the paint when he was in the game tonight.

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Like what I've seen so far of Coach Carlisle working Big Tex Bob into the rotation. Gives up somethings but also creates some major defensive concerns for the opponents.

Big + also is that Luka seems to be very aware of how to leverage Boban on the floor.