Just a question, not trying to start something KP...not injured right? Not trying to start anything, but I was checking on the start time of a future game I was trying to get a ticket to, and I noticed on the injury report for the game (which is NOT a back to back - LM), that Dwight Powell is listed as "Day-to-Day" and KP is listed as "Out". I knew DP didn't play in Open Practice because of a hamstring...so "Day to Day" fit...but KP?


  1. Is this just a hangover from last year's report that didn't get purged from the system and means nothing?
  2. Is KP hurt? (Don't see ANY reports to support that).
  3. Is this a Load Management situation and they have already predetermined when he's out?

Honestly, I think it's #1, but just in case, I missed something, thought I'd throw this out here to see.

Thanks in advance.

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Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher


TXB, I'd like to see that document. Somebody is listing a non-injured player as OUT for a future game? I think you hit on the answer: Somebody forgot to update an old news item.