‪Mavs / Rockets season series recap before ‘Bubble Opener’

Dalton Trigg

‪Mavs play the Rockets tomorrow. Here’s a quick recap of their previous 2 games this season:‬

‪11/24/19: Mavs 137 - Rockets 123‬
‪• Luka/THJ/KP combine for 95 points‬
‪• Luka 41p/10a/6r‬

‪1/31/20: Rockets 128 - Mavs 121‬
‪• KP 35p/12r/2s/1b‬
‪• Luka DNP (ankle)‬

‪Expect lots of points.‬ Rockets will be without Eric Gordon, who sprained his ankle really bad in HOU’s last scrimmage. Big opportunity for the Mavs to start making up ground in the West standings. Only 1.5 games back of HOU for the 6-seed.