Maybe Tim Hardaway Jr is becoming our third option? Since making him a starter

22.3 ppg 66% fg 65% 3pfg

Everyone including me wanted him gone for a bag of peanuts because of his contract and it's still bad but he's not a terrible player. He's just 27 years old.

If Luka can give us 30 and KP and THJ each give us 20 we'll be tough to beat in any game.

BTW we're tied for 2nd in ppg (119.1) with Washington only behind Milwaukee (119.8) this team can really score even if it seems like we're top heavy.

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THJ could be the 3rd Mav scoring option but he's not yet anywhere near a 3rd 'star' in terms of performance. A star is consistently performing at elite levels most games, not as much a big game here and there. Right now, Luka is the only one that really qualifies and even KP is knocking at the door of getting back to that.

3rd Mavs scorer is nice though, just not to be confused with a 3rd NBA star.


I know you didn't, that was my point. The Mavs need a 3rd star to make serious run at the leagues top teams. Maybe THJ could progress from 3rd option in Dallas to an NBA 3rd star, that would be the hope.