Dalton Trigg

My thoughts on the Mavs potentially signing Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the next few days:

MKG is never going to be known for his shooting (well, except for that super ugly shot motion), but I also don’t really see his shot as a lost cause yet either.

Last season was the only season in MKG’s career where he had a double-digit three-point attempt total (47), and he shot 34% on those attempts. He’s attempted just 100 threes total in his career. So he almost shot half of his career threes last season alone, and at a near-league average rate.

He’ll make his money on defense and at the rim on offense, but I don’t think we can just proclaim that he “can’t shoot,” like I’ve seen some people do. Look what the Mavs did with Aminu in 2015.

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With MKG, health will be something to watch, to see if he has his athletic chops.

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