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NBA Trade Deadline: Dear Mavs Fans, You Sure You Want To Trade Dorian Finney-Smith?

By Steven Kilpatrick
DALLAS - As we sit perched on the eve of the NBA Trade Deadline, many of the ideas coming out of Mavs Nation that are designed to improve the roster seem to include the inclusion of Dorian Finney-Smith.

Hey, Mavs fans - are we sure we want to do this?

Early in the season, I wrote that Dorian Finney-Smith could unlock a whole new level of his game if he just became a more consistent three-point threat on the offensive end for his Dallas Mavericks. This included a call for more confidence when he gets a wide-open look.

That new level has arrived.

Going into Saturday's play against the Atlanta Hawks, Finney-Smith had seen the third-largest increase in three-point percentage from last season to this season. After a 4-of-7 night in the win against the Hawks, he became the most improved three-point shooter in the NBA this year. Dorian’s incredibly confident step-back three at the end of the first half was the wax seal on months of improvement.

To me, the fact is, Dorian is way more than just a three-and-D guy. ... and in some ways already fits the profile of what the Mavs (or at least Mavs fans) are searching for at the trade deadline (where Robert Covington just moved to Houston.)

We know coach Rick Carlisle is a DFS fan, dating back to pronouncements that if we re-did his NBA Draft year, Dorian would've been a lottery pick. It’s great that he’s rounded into both halves of that role, but he’s also made a name for himself as a timely rebounder, especially on the offensive end of the glass (a big part of Dallas’ 14.9 second-chance points per game).

If this is the leap we get after three years of development, Dorian Finney-Smith might still have another gear or two before he hits his prime. Other teams might like that in accepting him a trade. But maybe Dallas already has the sort of guy we're all looking for, right under our Mavs noses.

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I mean for the right guy sure, anybody other than Luka or KP are available for the right price. But most likely we're not going to be offered that guy for DFS.


He's become a pretty big piece of this team. Could be an elite 3 and D guy for years to come


Damn. Haven't been to DallasBasketball.Com in a minute. Went to look at Trade talk and found out we moved over to SI? Where is everyone? & where is the actual board?

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