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WillE the sort order works?


Ok, I have it seemingly the way I want it.

Sort order in Community as "Last Reply" - Wasn't sure if that was gonna put a newest original thread at top, but this showed me it will.

Sort order in a topic as "Popular" - Seems this takes into account the most replies and likes, which still isn't perfect IMO, but the only way I can get the latest first tier reply off the top spot.

Sort order in replies as "Newest" - It's fine this way for the way I prefer it.

Wish there was just an Unread sort order that allows me to see at the top the messages those I haven't read yet, but this seems to be the best way I can figure it out for now.


Gosh...what a quandry. I was going to say a mess, but I haven't been working with it long enough to say that. It may be possible to set things up to work. Right now I have my start page set up as "community," "4 bar", "newest." Then I use a lot of right click, open in a new page, for those posts I find interesting...usually all of them. On the newly opened post page I have the sort order set to "oldest." I then read/scroll down. When finished I quit that page and automatically go back to my start page. I also would like some kind of indication for new/unread posts so I can limit my scrolling.