Would you trade Luka for anybody else in the league if the opportunity was there?

For me....

Giannis - after what I saw in the ECF no, can't shoot. Would love to team him up with Luka/Porzingis though.

Kawhi - probably say yes, the only one. Luka still 8 years younger though

AD - A beast but couldn't carry a team in New Orleans. So I'd rather have Luka.

Lebron - too old

Embiid - injury prone

Curry - too old, Luka is 11 years younger

KD - maybe, but age/injury is a factor

Westbrook - lol no

Kyrie - lol no

Jokic - rather have Luka, but great player though

Klay Thompson - love him, but will be 30 years old when he plays again

Lillard - rather have Luka

Harden - lol no

Any one else or any one you disagree with me, feel free to reply!

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When you add Luka's age to the equation, 8 years younger than Kawhi?
No. If Ben Simmons had a jumper it would be a race, but he doesn't so Luka is the more complete player. I like that Giannis is working on becoming more complete but Luka is a better facilitator and still younger.

Nope Luka's right at the top and tbqh KP age at the same that Giannis is isn't far off being next on the list.


There isn’t a player in the league right now that would be worth giving up Luka.