Boban was completely the Anti-Howard factor in this game but since he was sitting on the bench during all the game deciding stretches of the game, Dwight Howard was the cheat code that gave LA the win, deliberately grabbing Curry and then ramming into Luka.

The latter by Howard was just an accident most likely but the former was definitely very intentional. A shame cheating is a part of the game, but it is, always has been.

I've seen this happen to Boban before. I was hoping Rick Carlisle wouldn't fall into the trap and miss opportunities to exploit big Bobi, but he did.

Coaches I think fear that they'll lose the mismatch game when they put Big TEX Boban in I guess, even when in Boban's minutes they're clearly winning the mismatch.

All the Laker Bigs struggle to stop Boban offensively, including Anthony Davis.
Carlisle would not go back to Boban against Dwight Howard to preserve that win. Nothing wrong with Powell and Kleber but they don't present the mismatch problem for the Lakers that Boban does.

Instead Anthony Davis totally exploited his size advantage over the Mavericks Big Men inside scoring high % basket after basket at point blank range at key points where a bucket or two could have sealed the win for Dallas. The size advantage with KP and Boban should have been going the other way as the Lakers chased Dallas's lead.

Coach Carlisle needs to watch some youtube video of Boban vs. AD https://youtu.be/IK1c2QSQFb4

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Coach Carlisle clearly read this thread. Nice job using the Twin Towers in rotation with 7'3" KP and 7'4" Boban! This same stuff would have won the Lakers game. https://youtu.be/jEEe856EpqM

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