Arrested trespasser claims to be Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

Arrested trespasser claims to be Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

DALLAS – There are many benefits to being rich and famous. There are pitfalls, too, though - including a sad occasion when a name like "Mark Cuban'' is dumped into a news story in which it doesn't actually belong.

A man was arrested on Tuesday night for refusing to leave a downtown Nashville gas station. His argument with police: He claimed he is in charge of the store, he claimed he is in ownership of everything inside, and he claimed that his identity is "Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.''

A report from WKRN-TV in Nashville reported that Metro Nashville Police responded to a call about a trespasser at a Shell station on Tuesday night.

Investigating officers report that the trespasser identified himself as Mark Cuban.

Nashville Police

In what was probably the easiest part of the case, Nashville Police took little time in confirming the man is not "Mark Cuban.'' They took the man into custody and later identified him as a man named Mark Washington, age 38, who apparently had been arrested for trespassing at the same store multiple times in the last year.

We have a lot of fun and games in our coverage of the Mavs' ... well, fun and games. That has its place.

But this ... is a story that may be less humorous than some think, as Washington is probably dealing with more than the $100 bond after being jailed for criminal charge of criminal trespassing. This would seem, at least on the surface to be a mental-health issue. ... and a sad one.