BREAKING: Rookie Josh Green Assigned To G-League; Mavs Talk

Mavs Talk: ‘That's on Me’ - Luka Doncic Following Defeat to Portland Trail Blazers; Josh Green Assigned to G-League
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Mavericks star Luka Doncic, who finished with an extraordinary stat line of 44 points, seven rebounds, and nine assists, took the blame following the Mavericks’ 121-118 defeat to the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday:

"That's on me. I should have made that shot," said Doncic on his final try that would have tied the game at 121.

Dallas is trying to recover from that loss, practicing while enduring DFW’s dangerous winter weather, and making moves to help the future. In the latter category, rookie Josh Green has been flexed-assigned to Salt Lake of the G-League. Green, who joins a squad that currently features fellow Mavericks rookie Tyler Bey, has appeared in 17 games (five starts) for Dallas this season, averaging 2.5 points (.472 FG%) and 2.3 rebounds in 12.5 minutes per game. 

Meanwhile, Dallas’ varsity is back to the drawing board ...

It was Trailblazers guard Damian Lillard (34 points, 11 assists) who secured the upper-hand, scoring a game-winning three-pointer with just 32.4 seconds remaining.

After the game, Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle explained that a double team was called onto Lillard, but the Mavericks didn’t hear it.

The Mavericks now sit at 13-15 and fall to 10th in the Western Conference.

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Now let's hear Mavs talk:

Carlisle on Doncic's last shot:

"The three-point shot that he had at the end. If he had that shot nine more times, he makes it nine times."

Carlisle on where the Mavs need to be defensively:

"That's our battle right now, to be more consistent… We need to be where we were in the second and fourth quarters."

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Doncic on his deep ball:

“Using my legs, letting it go, and just trusting my shot.”

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Dorian Finney-Smith on Lillard's go-ahead three:

"I probably should have made him drive, but he made a tough shot."

Following a delay for the Wednesday night game, the Mavericks (13-15) are scheduled to travel and face the Houston Rockets on Friday at 7 o.m. CST.