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Can Mark Cuban Help Save Delonte West's Life?

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Is Meeting With Delonte West And Offering Treatment Help
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This is not the first time that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has tried to intervene and help the troubled Delonte West. But maybe it will be the best time - literally a life-saving time.

Cuban, along with other members of the NBA family, have tried for years to contact and guide West, the former NBA standout who has often been photographed roaming the streets of various cities, including Dallas. A recent photo of West motivated Cuban to try again, this time, according to TMZ, ending up in the two meeting at a gas station on Monday.

At different times over the years, including in my visit with him (see the above video and the link below), West has been engaging and entertaining in discussing his disorder, telling me, "You can ask me about all my personalities. I don't deny them. I'm proud of them. They're all me.'' 

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But West has now been homeless for years, and maybe this time the concerns from family and friends - who are working with Cuban to persuade West to check into a drug rehabilitation facility - will be heeded.

Cuban reportedly helped West get a hotel room and we have confirmed that the Mavs owner has offered to finance the care-facility treatment for West, 37, who averaged 9.7 points and 3.6 assists per game over eight NBA seasons, including a short stint in Dallas in 2011-12.

During that time, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said, “I’ve got to help him, and our organization is going to help him, too.’’

People who care about Delonte West have been trying to do so for years. Cuban's direct intervention could be a big positive step.