Carlisle Reveals Thoughts On Mavs NBA Trade Deadline Plan

“I typically don’t address trade rumors because they’re just that,” the Mavs coach says. “A lot of the nonsense (is) thrown out there ...''
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Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle says pretty much the same thing every year at the NBA trade deadline, which arrives at 2 p.m. CT Thursday. And sometimes he even tells the truth.

“We’ll see what happens, but I’m really just focused on what we’re doing here day-to-day,” Carlisle says. “And as I always say, I’m very doubtful that anything substantial will happen.”

He does always say that. ... and then sometimes, the Mavs engineer a deadline trade.

The names are out there. Orlando's Evan Fournier ... Atlanta's John Collins ... New Orleans' J.J. Redick ... Toronto's Norman Powell ... Cleveland's Andre Drummond ... and many more. (We've got the top 14 Dallas targets below.)

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Where does put the Mavericks? Dallas, on the court, is hot. That can be a reason to stand pat ... though we'd argue it's a reason to add talent in order to help the Luka Doncic-led Mavs climb up in the NBA West standings.

We know the 22-19 Mavs are involved in talks. Powell, Drummond, and Collins have gone beyond just being "discussion items.'' 

“It’s a dynamic business,'' Carlisle said when asked about the "distraction'' issue for players at the deadline. "And if you’re a player, you continue to do whatever you can to help your teammates and help the team win.”

"I like our team,'' Carlisle added ... though that doesn't mean that by 2 p.m. Thursday there might not be even more to like.