Picking The Dallas Mavericks All-Time Starting 5

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - OK, OK, the Dallas Mavericks, in terms of long-time legacy, ain't exactly the Los Angeles Lakers. But we can still have fun "Picking The Dallas Mavericks All-Time Starting 5'' - even if it doesn't end up being much of an argument.

Our pals at Clutchpoints.com tried their hands at this game. Got any problems with it?

Steve Nash

Clutchpoints.com: Steve Nash ...  first got his big break with the Mavericks. It was through teaming up with Dirk Nowitzki that Nash built a reputation of being one of the most elite point guards the game has ever seen.

Through six seasons with the Mavs, Nash averaged  14.6 points and 7.2 assists.

Our take: Derek Harper and Rolando Blackman deserve mention here. Nash went on to become the superior player ... but we lean toward Ro.

Jason Kidd

Clutchpoints.com: Jason Kidd is one of the best floor generals to ever grace the hardwood, and he spent a good chunk of his career with the Mavericks.

His incredible generalship on the floor was instrumental for the incredible upset the Mavs pulled over the Big 3 Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals. Kidd showcased to Cuban and the rest of the world what the Mavs were missing the last time they were in the Finals.

Our take: In his eight seasons for the Mavs, Kidd averaged 10.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 8.4 assists a game. But this was never about numbers. The Hall-of-Fame-level point guard elevated the Mavs to "credible'' the first time around and elevated them to "incredible'' at the end.

Kidd remains one of the most unique athletes in sports history. There is no competition here. ... until Luka Doncic's longevity says there is.

Michael Finley

Clutchpoints.com: Michael Finley ... was an unbelievable scorer during his years with the Mavs, and it’s his unstoppable scoring spree that got him invites to two All-Star Games. During his stint with the Mavericks, he averaged 19.8 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 3.8 assists a game.

Our take: We enjoyed watching and covering Fin. "Unbelievable scorer''? That's a stretch. But his contributions were important - and continue to be, via his work in the Dallas front office. (Work that has owner Mark Cuban telling DBcom that Finley would be "amazing'' as the Chicago Bulls next GM.)

Sam Perkins deserves an honorable mention here. So, we suppose, does Roy Tarpley. But Fin gets the win. (Unless we want to sneak Blackman/Nash into this positional conversation.) 

Mark Aguirre

Clutchpoints.com: Mark Aguirre ... was one of the Mavs’ first stars in the 80s, and his impact on the team during its early years is immeasurable. He averaged 24.6 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.8 assists a game. He got three All-Star notches under his belt for his incredible run with the Mavs.

Our take: He was a "Bad Boy'' ... who won his two NBA titles after flipping-the-bird his way outta here. But he was great enough that he really should have that number hanging from the rafters.

Dirk Nowitzki

Clutchpoints.com: Once you add in his accolades, you will leave convinced that he’s the greatest Maverick of all time. Here’s a list of his accomplishments:

  • 14-Time All-Star
  • 12-Time All-NBA
  • 2006-07 MVP
  • 2011 NBA Champion
  • 2011 NBA Finals MVP

There’s no argument.

Our take: On the one hand, we wish the Dallas Mavericks had employed more Dirk-level talent over the decades, to make the debate an actual debate. On the other hand, Dirk as a franchise GOAT is just about as good as it gets.

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No. 1-2

Finley on there makes it as big a joke as Aguirre not having his # retired.
Nash by his own admission, wasn't the player here that he was in Phoenix.

PG- Kidd
SG - Blackmon
SF - Aguirre
PF - Really? Lol!
C - Donaldson


I like

PG- Nash
SG- Blackmon
SF- Aguire
PF- Dirk
C- Donaldson