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LISTEN: A Mavs Trade For Ben Simmons: Would It Work?

The Ben Simmons era in Philadelphia is likely nearing its end. Would a trade to the Mavs work?

With the way things are, currently, Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers are heading for an ugly divorce before the 2021-2022 NBA season officially begins. According to multiple reports, Simmons' days in Philly are numbered, and he isn't expected to attend training camp or report to the 76ers in any capacity until he is traded.

Naturally, here at, we have to ask: How can the Dallas Mavericks potentially get involved here, either directly, by actually trading for Simmons themselves, or indirectly, by being a third team in a trade that brings back another useful asset?

On this episode of the Mavs Step Back Podcast, Dalton Trigg and Matt Galatzan are joined by their colleague Grant Afseth to discuss the Simmons saga, and whether or not trading for him at this point would make sense. Overall talent and potential is one thing, but Simmons being able to fit in with the Mavs, especially when it comes to being paired with Luka Doncic, specifically, would likely depend on how open he would be to playing a role that doesn't involve being a full-time point guard.

From there, the guys talk briefly about how the Simmons situation could have an indirect impact on the Mavs, give their takes on if they think John Wall should be on the Mavs' buyout watch, and dish on Doncic potentially taking yet another big leap in Year 4. Thanks for listening!

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