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Mavs' Bradley Beal Pipe Dream Dying, $248 Million Contract Coming

Beal's plan: That five-year agreement would mean a $248 million extension.

DALLAS - The Bradley Beal Dream is going to die ... before it ever even lived.

If you’re a faithful reader, you’ve seen Bradley Beal’s name pop up quite a bit over the last few years. Those pipe-dream scenarios always had the same motivation behind them — trying to find a way to add a true second superstar next to Luka Doncic. 

Will Beal ever truly be available, though?

The Washington Wizards superstar was this week the subject of speculation yet again, as he’s set to become an unrestricted free agent when free agency begins at the end of June. 

Beal, who has always pushed back on trade and free agency rumors, has a big decision to make. He can either stay in Washington and make the most money he possibly can, or he can explore his options and try to join a contender in hopes of winning a championship.

And it looks like Beal has already made up his mind about his NBA future.

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Bradley Beal is 'very likely' to opt out of his $36.4M player option and re-sign with the Wizards on a five-year max contract, according to ESPN.

That five-year agreement would mean a $248 million extension.

Beal had been refusing to give details, maybe out of respect for still being under contract with the Wizards. And staying in Washington? Ideally, for him, Beal would like to stay where he’s at and also win big.

Ideally for Dallas? The Mavs would surely love to add a talent like Beal next to (the suddenly chiseled?) Luka Doncic if at all possible. Despite having a number of salary cap challenges, the most important thing when it comes to landing a free agent is getting them to say “yes” before anything else. If that happens, then GM Nico Harrison and the Mavs’ salary cap experts can formulate a plan on how to make it work from there.

"I really think that what players are attracted to is the culture. Who’s the coach? How does he treat the players? Are they going to let me play? I think that’s all stuff that if you watch us play,” said Harrison on the Ben and Skin Show.

“I always try to tell people culture isn’t stuff that you write on the boards, it’s how people feel when they watch you do what you do. I think people watch us play and they can tell ‘I want to be a part of that.' To me, that’s culture right there.”

Is the culture in Dallas finally strong enough to make the Mavs real players for top-tier free agents after years of disappointment? The new front office certainly believes so - even though it appears Bradley Beal won't be the guy to provide proof.