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Mavs’ Cuban 1-on-1 on Kidd, Harrison and Free Agency: ‘Relationships Are Everything’

Dallas will leverage positive relationships with players going forward in their free agency efforts.

The Dallas Mavericks have never been a huge free agent destination, as many superstars over the past decade have chosen to play in Los Angeles, New York and other larger markets. However, the recent hiring of Nico Harrison as general manager and Jason Kidd as head coach could change that narrative.

Both of these new staff members are well-respected around the league and have great relationships with many NBA players.

We recently spoke to Mavericks oner Mark Cuban regarding these hires, asking how this could affect Dallas’ chances at landing big free agents.

“Relationships” Cuban told us, “are everything in the NBA.”

These hires could pay dividends as early as this summer, as Damian Lillard and Kawhi Leonard are (pipe-dream?) targets for the Mavs in their attempt to add top-level talent alongside Luka Doncic.

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During Leonard’s years with Nike, he developed a strong relationship with Harrison, who is a long-time former executive at the company.

Lillard a few weeks back endorsed Kidd as someone he’d like to play for during the Blazers’ coaching search, showing the desire of players around the league to compete under a former player. Lillard also has his Nico ties.

Meanwhile, the attraction of playing alongside Luka figures to be an attraction as well.

Only time will tell if bringing Harrison and Kidd in will pay off, with this summer being the first test. We know that the “Triangle of Trust” of Cuban and departed team bosses GM Donnie Nelson and coach Rick Carlisle. So now comes new hope … via new relationships.