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Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Redick says he was promised a trade by the New Orleans Pelicans back in November, but they failed to stay true to their word.

“Griff basically says to me, ‘Come down for a month. If you still want to be traded, I give you my word, I’ll get you to a situation that you like,’” Redick said. “… Obviously he did not honor his word.”

Redick specifically pointed to Pelicans chief of basketball operations David Griffin when addressing the situation on his Old Man and the Three podcast.

Redick said he made it clear he preferred to be moved to a deal closer to his family in New York. Instead, last Thursday at the NBA trade deadline, the Pelicans sent him to Dallas.

Redick's position, he made clear, has nothing to do with negativity toward the Mavericks or a willingness to play for them. He in fact praised the talents of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis and indicated he looks forward to joining them as he rehabs a heel bruise.

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But ...

“(My understanding was) if I was going to be traded, it was going to be a team in the northeast where I was closer to home and I’d be able to see my family for the last two or three months of the season,” Redick said. “Obviously that didn’t happen. ... I just wanted to be able, on an off-day, to go see my family and to be within sort of driving distance.''

Instead, he's going to have to be happy in Dallas ... while harboring unhappiness toward New Orleans.

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