Mavs Talk: 'Hellaciously Big' From Luka & Maxi

Mavs Talk: ‘Hellaciously Big Plays, Says Dallas Coach Carlisle After Luka Doncic and Maxi Kleber Impress in 124-117 Overtime Victory Over Nuggets
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The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Denver Nuggets 124-117 in overtime on Thursday night. The stars shined bright from both sides, with 38 points from Nuggets center Nikola Jokic and 38 points, 13 assists, and nine rebounds from Mavericks star Luka Doncic.

With a pair of crucial shots from Doncic and power forward Maxi Kleber, along with an impressive overtime performance, the Mavericks’ record improved to 4-4, and Dallas established its first winning streak of the season.

Now let's hear Mavs talk:

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle on Doncic’s masterful performance:

“I like the way Luka handled the game in all ways, really. It was a slow start. It was not a rhythmic game. . . He stayed with it... 

These games are tough but if you hang in and hang around and give yourself a chance and if you have guys like Doncic on your team you can be dangerous."

Carlisle on the big win in Denver:

"This is a great win for us, much needed. Second half we really played, we played both ends, we played unselfishly, got the ball in the basket, got big stops when needed and we had some guys make some hellaciously big plays."

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Doncic on passing to Kleber with three seconds:

"He's a great shooter and a great player. Sometimes you don't see it in stats but he does a lot of stuff for us. Few people see that but our team sees that. Even if he would have missed it was a great shot & I'll do it any day."

Doncic on winning a close game:

"Like I said the past two seasons we're gonna learn from these things. Especially me, I gotta learn to lead the team in these moments and I think today we did great. A lot of people hit those clutch shots."

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Kleber on his excellent three-point shot:

“You’ve got to stay ready,” he said. “The way we play the game, you have to expect a shot at any time. A lot of times maybe I don’t get many shots, but I know I have to be mentally in the game and stay ready to get my shots.”

The Mavericks (4-4) will aim to extend their winning streak when they face the Orlando Magic on Saturday night at home.