Paul Pierce: Mavs Star Luka Doncic Reminds Me Of Me

Dallas Mavericks Star Luka Doncic Is the NBA’s Most Talented Player, Says Paul Pierce - Who Now Adds That Luka Reminds Pierce Of ... Pierce
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Dallas Mavericks phenom Luka Doncic is bubbling back to the the top of the MVP discussion, one analyst having already labeled him “the most talented player in the NBA.”

The holder of that view is none other than former Boston Celtics champ Paul Pierce, as you can watch here ...

But now Pierce has added a chapter to his analysis of Luka ... by adding his own play to the conversation.

The idea that Pierce finds Doncic's play to be Pierce-like (go to about the 2:00-minute mark) ... is flattering.

To Paul Pierce.

But it's all also in the spirit of fun, as one of the Doncic highlights being critiqued is his recent herky-jerky move in the paint that drew oohs and aahs ... until the shot was air-balled, which drew laughs, even from Luka himself.

The Mavs are 3-4 and get to test themselves again on Thursday night in Denver, where the Nuggets await. Doncic is playing through a quad injury as Dallas finishes up this road trip in The Mile High City.

At some point soon, by the way, Doncic will get some help - hopefully like the help Pierce got during his championship run with the Boston Celtics - when Kristaps Porzingis returns to the floor following his rehab after knee surgery.


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