'He Said Something I Didn't Like': Mavs Star Luka Doncic Responds To Kings Coach's Trash Talk

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic got his feathers ruffled by some alleged trash talk administered by Sacramento Kings coach Luka Walton, and while Luka did a bit of talking back, he mostly responded with his play ... 33 points, 12 rebounds, eight assists while coming off a seven-game absence due to an ankle injury in a blowout win.

"He said something I didn't like,'' Doncic said following the 130-111 victory. (Game story here.)

In the final moments of the third quarter, the officials didn't like something Walton said to/about Doncic.

"Hey Luka, do me a favor, give him your autograph after the game. (points at official) - He's a fan, he's a fan of yours."

The All-Star-Game-bound Doncic responded by telling Walton, “Don’t do that,” per the Sacramento Bee.

After the game, Walton tried to spin things back into control.

“I have all the respect in the world for Luka,” Walton said. “He got what he wanted tonight, wherever he wanted. I wasn’t saying anything to him. I don’t know if he thought I said something to him. He had a great game, he’s a great player and he led his team to victory. You’ve got to give him credit.''

Walton's claim is not entirely true. But crawling backward from his exchange with Luka Doncic is probably wise. He's one of the best players in the world on a normal day ... and apparently a bit inspired when a foe "says something I didn't like.''

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Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher


20yo kid standing up for himself without being overly dramatic. Impressive.


I thought he said 'I can't believe we took Bagley over you'