Mavs Tuesday Donuts: What If There Simply Is No 2020 NBA Season?

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - Mavs Tuesday Donuts, and I offer this up not as a "prediction,'' but rather, just as a "conversation-starter'' ...What If There Simply Is No 2020 NBA Season?

DONUT 1: WHAT IF? Unimaginable, right? Except ... the NBA went from hoping this would be a 30-day hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak to what is now, in the minds of its power-brokers, a 90-day hiatus.

But as we're learning, there is no "magical date.'' The defeat of this coronavirus is largely dependent on our behaviors between now and "whenever,'' thus making "whenever'' tough to predict.

We've seen some media "opinion-leaders'' on TV "demanding'' to know a "firm date.'' It's almost as if they have some big life plan that they don't want interrupted. (I take it back. It's not "almost like'' that; that's exactly what it is. My birthday is Nov. 2, so yeah, I'd like any government-ordered shutdown to be lifted by, oh, say, Nov. 1.

But seriously, look at what the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils has done in asking his employees to take 20-percent paycuts. That's a billionaire tightening his belt. And look at what the NFL medical "deciders'' have done, declaring that the league won't be doing physicals on players because anybody capable of performing a physical should be too busy on the front line of the COVID-19 fight.

These are signs. So ... not a prediction. Just a conversation-starter.

DONUT 2: A DIRK-LIKE DELAY? Once upon a time, circumstances caused a brief delay in the development of Dirk Nowitzki? Richie Whitt takes us back - and forward to the "hiatus'' and the development of Luka Doncic.

DONUT 3: MEANWHILE, 'THE JUGGLER Luka himself seems untroubled as he juggles a valuable commodity ... and then takes a spill himself, causing the MFFL to wonder if he injured another valuable commodity - him.

Our Dalton Trigg looks in to Luka's juggling act above.

DONUT 4: DBcom ROUNDTABLE What is The 75-Member Staff doing to occupy its non-Mavs time. Well, the Dallas Cowboys are on our list of things to do. And so is assembling - virally, of course, and not virus'y - at the famous DBcom Roundtable. Click in and meet the gang!

DONUT 5: ALMOST 'PRESIDENTIAL' I don't mean this in the political sense, but rather in the wide-angled view of the phrase "acting presidential.'' Mavs owner Mark Cuban has done that on a daily basis now since that unforgettable Wednesday night at the AAC. 

He is saying the right things about our U.S. Government. He is doing the right thing - with the added muscle of Luka and Dwight Powell here - about our DFW hospitals.

Oh, and then there's the "Mavs Meals'' thing.

For all the ranting and the criticism and the basketball debates that seemed so important a few weeks ago, Cuban has provided sports and beyond a rallying cry and a rallying point.

Bravo, Tony Cubes.

DONUT 6: DANNY GREEN'S TRUTH I am buying what almost-Mavs Danny Green is selling.

But I'm also confident that what attracted him to the Lakers last summer is very, very similar to what will in the future attract his ilk to Dallas.

DONUT 7: CREEPING It keeps creeping closer to home. A week ago, skeptics, cynics and Tin-Foil Hat guy asked, "Well, I don't know anybody who has it.''

But now you do. Or, you are one or two degrees of separation from it. Flower Mound native Marcus Smart of the Celtics tested positive. I'm related to parents of pre-school kids in Houston and in Oklahoma City where schoolmates have it, just for starters.

Self-quarantine. Flatten the curve. Social distancing.

Again, this has nothing to do with politics and there is no room or time for racism. COVID-19 doesn't care about the color of your skin or your faith or who you voted for. Do yourself a favor here ... and in doing so, d your neighbor a favor, too.

And hey, they're giving us NBA League Pass, so we're all good!

DONUT 8: AAC GOODNESS Mavs event employees at the AAC were pleased to hear Cuban announce, pretty much right away on that fateful Wednesday night, that there would soon be a plan in place to pay them for the home games that would be scrubbed due to the hiatus.

They've apparently been asked to keep it all private. But a few of them have touched base with me out of thanks to Cuban. And out of respect for Cuban's wishes, I'll now leave it alone ... but only after mentioning it just this once - against Cuban's wishes.

DONUT 9: STAY AT HOME The NBA has, as near as I can tell, suggested to players that they can visit the team facilities for workouts but that they should conduct those on their own; in other words, no two-on-two stuff. Just at your basket, by your lonesome.

The Mavs, though, as near as I can tell, have suggested the practice facility be off-limits.

The second idea seems more wise.

DONUT 10: HAIR-RAISING Luka has a beard. And a little man-bun.

And hair up to there. Going out and getting a haircut right now seems like a bad idea. But shaving? We can still shave ourselves, right?

DONUT 11: GUARDING ZION The Pels are in the Mavs' division, so once we get back to basketball, we'll have to get back to figuring out how to slow Williamson. The fear?

We're all gonna have to do it like lil' try-hard kid here.

DONUT 12: THE FINAL WORD "Luka and Jalen are haters.'' - Dirk Nowitzki, arguing with the kids about ... well, just click the link.