Texas Gov. Abbott Decision Means Mavs Could Open Practice Facilities on May 8

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will let stay-at-home order expire April 30. That means the NBA's Dallas Maverick could open their practice facilities on May 8
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DALLAS - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will let his stay-at-home order expire April 30.

This has large implications on the state, which now has permission to open retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls at a 25 percent occupancy rate. It also impacts the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. 

The NBA set a May 8 target date to open team facilities in cities no longer under government restrictions. With Abbott's new plan, it appears the Mavs will be allowed to open their practice facility if they chose to.

The NBA has reportedly received significant pushback from teams about idea of re-opening practice facilities in selected states. Mavs owner Mark Cuban is among those who has expressed concern that we may be moving to quickly with the assumption that the COVID-19 crisis is on the decline.

“You just want to keep people safe,” Cuban said in an interview with NBC5. “The test I use ... is: ‘Would I let my kids out?’” he said.

“Am I going to let Jake, Alyssa and Alexis go out into any one of these environments or stores without knowing that they are adhering to (guidelines)?

“The answer,'' Cuban said, "is 'no.''

The issue raised isn’t about some teams having a bigger advantage over other teams who cannot open up facilities. The largest issue has surrounded the safety of players and staff. Teams are still awaiting a more detailed NBA plan today.

Abbott made sure to mention that the state is not "going to open up and hope for the best,'' but rather that there are "phases'' to the re-opening.

"The most important element of Phase One is protecting our most vulnerable in Texas," said Abbott.