Report: Mavs Interested in Danilo Gallanari; Wolves Decline Trade Offers for Robert Covington

Dalton Trigg

According the The Ringer’s Kevin O’ Connor, the Dallas Mavericks have registered interest in trading for Oklahoma City Thunder forward Danilo Gallanari. In the wake of losing Dwight Powell to a season-ending Achilles rupture, it was no question that the Mavs would look at a lot of different options to help bolster their front court depth.

Although Gallanari isn't the same type of player Powell is, the 6-10 forward's three-point shooting (he's shooting at a 40.8-percent clip from deep this season) could provide even more firepower to an already-high-powered Mavs' offense. In 38 games this season, Gallanari is averaging 19 points, six rebounds and two assists in 30 minutes per game. O'Connor adds that the Mavs may not have enough in the asset cupboard to convince the Thunder to let Gallanari go, but if general manager Donnie Nelson wants him bad enough, never say never.

In the same report, O'Connor mentions that the Mavs continue to be linked to Memphis Grizzlies forward Andre Iguodala. Our own Mike Fisher broke the news about the Mavs' interest in Iguodala over the summer, and now we have two weeks remaining until the trade deadline to see if any of this comes to a head.

"The Mavs have also made offers to the Timberwolves for Robert Covington, but those have been declined, according to multiple league sources," said O'Connor.

It's no secret now that the Mavs love the idea of adding a big, two-way wing player like Covington. Although Covington has struggled with his three-point shooting this season (at least, compared to what he's used to in his career), you have to imagine that he could raise his 34.5-percent mark from deep to around 40-percent playing alongside Luka Doncic.

As we've written in the last few weeks, a Mavs-Wolves trade revolving around Covington and Jalen Brunson would seem to make a lot of sense for both sides on paper. The Wolves need a young point guard for the future, and the Mavs could really use some extra help with their perimeter defense. Although there's a handful of Mavs rumors floating around now, the Minnesota one remains the one that seems more likely, in our opinion.

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You are reading that O'Connor article very liberally. He says they "should pursue" Gallo. That is a huge difference from the team "registering interest".


Gallo seems like he'd be a natural fit with this Mavs squad, but I agree that idk what assets we have or would want to part with to facilitate this