VIDEO: 'It's 33% Each Way' - A Donnie Misdirect In NBA Draft

VIDEO: 'It's 33% Each Way' - A GM Donnie Nelson Misdirect From the Dallas Mavericks On NBA Draft Night
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DALLAS - Dallas Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson has developed a knack for speaking ... without saying anything.

“It’s probably 33 percent each way,” Nelson said when asked about the possibility of trading pick No. 18. “We have some trade-up possibilities that are I think are really intriguing. We really like the pick in the area. We also have some trade-down (options) ...''

What doe it all mean? What does it all add up to?

Not 100 percent, that's for sure.

Donnie is obviously alluding to the possibility that Dallas will open the event currently holding the 18th and 31st picks - “We’ve had a lot of activity around 18 and 31,'' he said - and that at 18, the Mavs could move up from there, stand pat, or trade down.

Obviously, a pick higher than 18 would be nice. A pick lower would net other benefits. And staying at 18?

"We really like the pick in the area,'' he said.

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Sure, but those options do not add up to 100 percent of the possibilities. What Nelson is leaving out of his remarks is the idea of trading pick No. 18 (or, more specifically by NBA rule, drafting a prospect and then swapping him) for a veteran on the level of names we've mentioned often here, like Danilo Gallinari, Kelly Oubre, Buddy Hield, Victor Oladipo, Zach LaVine or Gordon Hayward.

So there aren't just "three ways.'' There are three dozen ways.

If the Mavs do stay at 18, Nelson suggested, there might be a lean toward the 3 spot. 

“As usual, we’re going to take the best player available,” Nelson said. “(But) there’s probably a bit more attention to the small forward spot than there has been in past drafts.”

Sure. Unless Dallas lands somebody who plays one of the other four positions - which makes it a "20-percent chance'' of being a small forward, we suppose.