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As we’re in the midst of this global pandemic, named COVID-19, it seems like every day there are new developments about it and faces linked to this virus. Today, the latest known face to be linked to it is former Nets center, Jason Collins.

The 13-year NBA veteran announced today that he tested positive for the rapidly spreading virus that has affected many others in the NBA community since C Rudy Gobert first tested positive for COVID-19 nearly two weeks ago.

So far others to test positive include the following: Gobert’s All-Star teammate G Donovan Mitchell, Pistons F Christian Wood, four players on the Brooklyn Nets, three members of the Philadelphia 76ers organization and two players within the Los Angeles Lakers organization.

There are so many unknowns when it comes to this virus and that has been what is so frightening for many who in some way shape or form have been affected by this thing.

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Fortunately though for those wondering what this virus looks like up close, Collins also revealed on Twitter the symptoms he’s experienced from it.

“I believe I got it while on a trip to NYC at the beginning of the month for the Brooklyn Nets Pride night game,” said Collins. “I had my first symptoms on March 11. Terrible headache. A few days later I had a fever and then the cough.”

Since then Collins has been at home self-quarantining and resting. He also revealed that this started by him taking a trip to the emergency room due to tightness in his chest.

If he did in fact catch this virus while in New York, here is some useful information about how this thing has affected the Empire state.

So far there are more than 35,164 confirmed cases across the whole country and New York has over 12,000 of those cases.