Brooklyn Nets unveil uninspiring 2019-2020 Statement Edition Jerseys

Rick Laughland

Manufactured by Nike and designed by iconic Brooklyn-based artist Eric Haze, the Nets are launching new Statement Edition Jerseys this upcoming season. 

Brooklyn is once again using the branding on the borough with BKLYN across the chest of the jersey. Instead of going with the throwback NETS across the chest, the Statement Jersey don't exactly make any type of statement. 

The bland silver, white and black color scheme are uninspiring while the graffiti-type writing of BKLYN is more cartoonish than it is street tough.  

With so many interesting directions the Nets could have taken this jerseys, it's pretty disappointing that they came up with a very bland and basic outline. 

The Nets will wear the uniforms 22 times this upcoming season including on Nov. 1 against the Rockets and Nov. 24 against the Knicks at MSG. 

The concrete gray jersey are not eye-popping by any stretch of the imagination and since they'll be wearing them for over one quarter of the season, it's unfortunate the team didn't opt for the old style Red Nets jerseys or the Red White and Blue classic ABA look. Haze and the Nets try to harken back to the Nets days out in Long Island with Dr. J holding down the court by dressing up the sides of the jersey with stars and stripes running down it. 

All in all, the jersey don't really move the meter or generate much excitement, but it will be the Nets fourth jersey option since the team's move to Brooklyn. 

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These are terrible. Reminds me of something I'd see in NBA Street on Gamecube, circa 2003