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Since all we hear these days is Coronavirus this and Coronavirus that with overwhelmingly bad stories surrounding the global pandemic, Nets General Manager, Sean Marks, broke that pattern today and announced some good news not only for the Nets, but also for the NBA community. All four Brooklyn Nets players who tested positive for the wide-spreading virus are now symptom free.


One of Brooklyn’s players who announced that he was one of the four is 10x All-Star Kevin Durant. The other three remained anonymous.

Once the Nets announced on March 17 that one of their players was showing symptoms, all players on the roster began a 14-day self-quarantine in their homes. They have now completed that 14-day period and are symptom free.

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Fortunately for the NBA community the Nets aren’t the only team to have players test positive and make a full recovery. Since Rudy Gobert first tested positive and a handful of other players tested positive after him, here are the ones that have recovered so far (excluding those on the Nets): G Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz, F Christian Wood from the Detroit Pistons, G Marcus Smart from the Boston Celtics, as well as the two players from the Los Angeles Lakers. The two players from the Lakers were never named but the West’s leading team also completed their 14-day home isolation period and are symptom-free of COVID-19.

Although it’s unfortunate that anybody catches this virus, it’s important to look at the silver lining that players on this particular platform have gotten this thing and beat it. In a time where a lot of us need hope it shows how one can get this virus and prosper from it. It just takes listening to health experts and following the guidelines for not only your own safety but for the safety of the human race as we know it.