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The Brooklyn Nets will have a huge question mark on the team this season. Similar to last season, they could either be one of the best teams in the league, or a potential catastrophic fire waiting to explode. For now, it seems like it's all peace and love.

Kevin Durant revealed some details about the Nets' chemistry as they head into training camp.

“We all like each other," Durant said. "We hang with each other. We go out and get drinks, get dinner. I think that’s camaraderie.”

The question about the Nets' chemistry heading into training camp is a very curious one. On one end, it would be easy to assume that players on the team would feel slighted towards Durant for wanting to leave, or towards Kyrie Irving for wanting to join the Lakers. On the other end, it's Kevin Durant, they have to get over the feelings and embrace the chance to win a championship. Durant was complimentary towards new additions on the team as well.

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“We're just versatile, we got bigger guys," Durant said during training camp. "Last year in the playoffs we played a lot of smaller guys under 6'4"; a lot of them played against a big team in the Celtics. We got bigger as a group overall. And we’ve got a lot of IQ in the building as well, Royce played in some playoff stretches. Ben obviously, Seth. So we’ve got some playoff experience in here that’s going to help down the line.”

Last season, the Brooklyn Nets started off incredibly hot. With the right chemistry, there's no reason why that shouldn't happen this season as well.