Lengthy suspension looming for Nets Rodions Kurucs with NBA cracking down on domestic violence

Rick Laughland

The Brooklyn Nets were possibly dealt another blow to start the 2019-2020 season when forward Rodions Kurucs was arrested earlier this week after allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend in late June.

Kurucs is facing domestic violence charges that are currently being investigated by both the NBA and law enforcement officials.

According to the domestic violence policy of the NBA, if the league verifies this incident actually did occur, Kurucs will be facing a suspension due to his behavior, but there is no set formula for how long a possible suspension may end up lasting.


For example, Miami Heat Player Willie Reed was suspended eight games by the league following a domestic dispute of his own in 2018. In 2014, Charlotte Hornets forward Jeffery Taylor was suspended 24 games by the NBA following a guilty plea to misdemeanor domestic violence.

The news regarding Kurucs could not come at a worse time for the Nets, as the team recently learned forward Wilson Chandler will be suspended the first 25 games of the upcoming season due to testing positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Kurucs, a native of Latvia was drafted No. 40 overall by the Nets in the 2018 NBA draft. In his rookie campaign, Kurucs played well averaging 8.5 points-per-game on 45 percent shooting from the field. Kurucs played 63 games for the Nets last season.

If the legal system is able to corroborate the claims against Kurucs, he will be deserving of a suspension and the Nets, and the NBA, will have to decide how to proceed.

It is tough to predict an exact number of games Kurucs may end up being suspended, but Nets fans should not expect the total to be any less than 15 games. This is because the NBA, and all sports leagues for that matter, have put a much greater effort on disciplining players guilty of committing domestic violence.

According to reports, Kurucs placed his girlfriend in grave danger during the alleged ordeal. He was charged with constricting her breathing, in addition to allegedly biting her lip and injuring her ribs after throwing her violently onto a bed.

With such unsavory details, the NBA and the Nets must be in lockstep regarding punishing Kurucs appropriately.

A disciplinary decision regarding Kurucs should be coming down in the next couple of weeks because the NBA season is fast approaching with only 50 days left until tip-off