NBA 2K20 Review

Rick Laughland

Subtle improvements to gameplay, player fluidity, cut scenes, and a speedier My GM mode have NBA 2K20 raising the bar even higher this year. Defense is always a challenge in this 3-point centric, high-flying simulation, but player movement and dribble moves are as realistic as ever and gameplay physics are as lifelike as ever.

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While not a whole heck of a lot has changed year to year, NBA2K20 has impressively rehauled the MY GM mode to get rid of mundane day by day conversations with owners, media and players to create a more concise and faster-moving experience for gamerens.

The depth of game modes is immense and while there are some early bugs that need to be addressed, 2K has done a fantastic job of incorporating a fast-style of gameplay that keeps gamers engrossed throughout the entire contest. The 2K beats are rad, as usual, and provide a great soundtrack for gamers to flow to while playing or building their dynasty. 

The great debate between the use of the right thumbstick, otherwise known as the shotstick or the "X" button is still up in the air. The shotstick has more versatility and dynamic capabilies including dribble moves and finishes, but the "x" button setup works exceptionally well for shotmaking and basic up and unders as well as shotfakes. 

This year's version won't disappoint, so be sure to pick up your copy today!

Review Score: 9.2 out of 10