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NBA suspending season amidst Coronavirus is the responsible action to take

The health crisis goes beyond just sports and entertainment world.

 The NBA became the first of the professional North American sports to postponed the season in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After the NBA made the announcement in the middle of the Mavericks and Nuggets game on Wednesday night, MLS, NHL and the NCAA followed in suit and temporarily suspended their seasons. 

For the NBA to take the proactive approach and try and minimize the spread of this virus is absolutely the best thing to do. 

Former Net Vince Carter bid farewell to basketball fans as he didn't know whether Thursday's game against the Knicks could be the last of his NBA career. 

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There are still so many questions that scientists and doctors have yet to determine as far as how widespread the virus will become. 

We're living in wild times, but putting sports on the backburner in the interest of public health is the only thing to do. 

Containing a worldwide health crisis isn't exactly that straightforward, but limiting gatherings of 250-plus people and quarrantining those that were in contact with infected individuals are the necessary steps to keep things under control.

 If the NBA were to announce that when play resumes the playoffs will start immediately, the Nets are currently locked into the seventh seed and on track for a first round matchup with the defending champion Toronto Raptors. 

Missing out on the top-seeded Bucks is not a bad thing for the bunch from Brooklyn. So while NBA fans will have to find other ways to spend their leisure time than watching the league, the country and world at large is trying to get this pandemic under control so everyone can return to a sense of normalcy.