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DeAndre Jordan calls reports that star players voted Kenny Atkinson out 'bull----'

Nets big man denies report that Kenny Atkinson was forced out by star players.

DeAndre Jordan didn't mince words when asked about the decision for the Nets and Kenny Atkinson to part ways. Many pointed the finger mainly in Kyrie Irving's direction and potentially Kevin Durant, but Jordan vehemently denied that the new nucleus of the team called for the coach of three-plus years to be removed. 

"Yeah, I'm close to Kyrie, but Wilson [Chandler] is a new player, Garrett Temple's a new player," Jordan said Sunday. "We're all new players, so if you're going to say new players, put it on all eight of the new players.

"I think whatever you're saying, and whatever the reports are, are bulls---."

There you have it Nets fans. According to the team's big man, there was not a concerted effort by the new stars players to drive Atkinson out of town, but speculation will run rampant the rest of this year and into the offseason. 

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Jordan was relegated largely to backup duties under Atkinson and magically he was reinserted into the starting lineup during Sunday's win over the Bulls. Jacque Vaughn, the Nets interim coach, shuffled the starting five and it's clear there was a disconnect between Atkinson, Sean Marks, the players and ownership on what rotations to play and which players were most deserving of the lion's share of the minutes. 

"I found out from [Vaughn]," Jordan, who had 11 points, 15 rebounds and three blocks, said of getting the start. "It was just a personnel thing, just the rhythm with certain guys. ... It's never player versus player -- it's for the betterment of the team."